Throughout her life, Shenita Etwaroo has had to overcome several near-death experiences, adversity, traumatic abuse, assault, memory loss, and many more unspeakable events. Through it all, she has risen above by the Grace of God to bring voices to the voiceless through the power of the written word.

Honoring her beloved, deceased rabbit, Neo, she faces the never-ending cruelty against animals as an activist and champion of animal rights. Shenita is an author, artist, educator, film producer, advocate, activist, vegan, and a survivor, finding her personal comfort and balance in fighting the good fight for the downtrodden and hopeless.

Art and writing, along with love for Jesus and her animal companions, have helped Shenita to fight her own battles and cope with her personal struggles. After overcoming abuse and mistreatment, Shenita’s resultant strength and determination led her into dedicated involvement with several advocacy groups. Although Shenita has faced numerous obstacles and hardships within her life, her dedication to activism and veganism has helped her to shine a light on the importance of coexistence and an appreciation for nature’s stunning surroundings.

Shenita’s experiences led her to earn a doctorate degree in counseling in addition to a myriad of other diplomas, certificates, and achievements in the fields of animal and human philosophy, theology, biblical studies, science, and healthcare. In addition to teaching English and literature, Shenita has published a plethora of works ranging from fiction and poetry to short stories and news-related articles. She hopes that her writings will serve as a positive message for anyone who is experiencing abuse, bullying, or betrayal,etc.

Shenita is passionate about spreading awareness for animal rights as well as exposing the inhumane behavior of our society. She also hopes that by sharing her own story of struggle and pain, she will be able to spread hope and perseverance to those who are suffering or oppressed.

Shenita discovered her purpose and calling through the heartwarming relationship that she developed with her beloved bunny rabbit, Neon, or Neo, as she came to call her. Her devoted animal companion not only taught her about true love, but literally saved her life during her darkest period of hopelessness and anguish. Despite Shenita’s trauma from excessive bullying and abuse, she was able to conquer her fears, overpower her struggles, and survive through some of the toughest situations she ever thought possible. This newfound strength and determination have allowed her to serve as a voice for the voiceless, a defender for the defeated, and a supporter for the subjugated.

Shenita’s enthusiasm for animal and human rights has led her to advocate for change by teaching others and informing them of humanity’s darkest sides. Although she often faces cruelty and injustice, her spirituality and kindness always prevail. Even as a young child, Shenita developed compassion for those who were less fortunate. Her earliest acts of empathy include providing food and water for the homeless and stray animals.

Although Neon is sadly no longer by Shenita’s side, forging a tender path of grace and benevolence, her legacy lives on through Shenita’s writings and volunteer endeavors. Neo still serves as the driving motivation for Shenita’s involvement with animal and human rights organizations. Her love for animals has only grown deeper through her involvement in advocacy and veganism.

Using her knowledge and experience as a creative writer, Shenita hopes to share love, compassion, and mercy with her readers. She also hopes that her spirituality can serve as a beacon of light in a very dark world of injustice and sadness. After all, Shenita’s arduous past certainly taught her a lot about triumph, even when the odds were against her.

By using writing as a tool for self-expression and motivation, she aspires for others to come to know their own value and self-worth. She strongly believes that individuals are capable of achieving anything they put their minds to, and nobody can take that shining light away from them. Shenita’s encouraging writings are available through a variety of media platforms.