My name is Shenita Etwaroo and throughout several years of overcoming hardships and prevailing above endless adversity, I have dedicated my time to raising awareness for both human and animal rights. As a passionate advocate, I believe that even though my voice may be small, I can join with others ,and together, we can make a collective difference in this world. 

Hellen Keller once said that “Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much” and I believe she was absolutely right! My story has the potential to spread like wildfire, and I have committed every aspect of my work and my life to raising awareness, educating others, and promoting compassion for all beings on this planet. 

Despite horrific bullying in my past, I know that my ultimate purpose is to use my life encounters as tools for raising awareness about the appalling treatment that still exists in our own society today. I believe that my trials have helped to shape me into the strong, independent, resilient and determined individual that I am today, and even though my work still takes me to gruesome places, they never cease to provide innumerable opportunities for sharing love, compassion, and encouragement. After all, “a snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!”

One of the most pivotal aspects of my life involves an inseparable bond that I developed with my dear bunny rabbit, Neon. My relationship with this incredible soul not only allowed me to prevail and recover from the most darkest moments of my life, but Neon shed light on the fact that humans are not the only creatures that deserve the utmost level of respect and benevolence. Every living being in this world needs love, care, and understanding. In fact, this phenomenal bond between Neon and myself is what prompted my passion for becoming a human and animal rights advocate.

Every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering, and together our voices can change the world. No single person can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra to play it (H.E. Luccock). My goal is to spread the collective intelligence of animal and human rights. I want to shed light on the inhumane torture, abuse, and barbarism that takes place throughout the research, entertainment, and food industries. I want to expose the harsh realities of social persecution and savagery that are taking place globally in hopes that it sparks a change.

With unceasing faith I will dedicate my life’s work to shedding light on the truths of our selfish society. “There is no limit to the potential of brethren working together in complete brotherhood and selflessness toward spiritual goals. The power of God working through such channels will bring unimaginable blessings to all concerned.” - Joseph B. Wirthlin


Despite many people’s assumptions that they have been granted superiority over animals, every living, breathing, procreating, swimming, flying, and walking creature on this planet deserves a life of peace and freedom. Every animal is entitled to an existence without unfair or cruel restrictions and domination, not just humans.

The idea of animal rights advocacy was created to promote awareness and equality of all beings. This increasingly popular movement has prompted significant changes to the laws and requirements that govern the way animals may be used for industrial, economical, research, and entertainment purposes. Even still, these laws or restrictions jurisdictions do not eliminate animal cruelty from taking place behind closed doors. Despite the substantial progression of these concepts, society still has a long way to go in terms of understanding all animals are deserving of equal rights.

In most cases, the general public has little, if any, understanding about how animals are treated behind the scenes in a manufacturing, research, or amusement facility. These environments not only inhibit natural and biological behaviors, but oftentimes these beings are subjected to painful and atrocious testing and treatment. Not to mention, many animals are exploited for frivolous and wasteful products that serve as nothing more than aesthetic accessories and impractical decorum.

The goal of animal rights advocates and their collective organizations is to bring public awareness to the mistreatment and exploitation of all animals. Regardless of whether they reside in an industrial setting, or simply live as a confined pet in a family home, animals serve a far greater purpose than meeting our selfish desires and narrow-minded fascinations.

By raising public awareness and spreading the idea that animals should have equal opportunities to live as nature intended – without interference or interruption by humankind – fewer animals are being subjected to the thoughtless and inhumane treatment that is too often forced upon them by major industry leaders and society in general.


Human rights may be defined as one’s fundamental right to liberty and justice – an inherent, inseparable, nonnegotiable, clearly entailed aspect of being a human. This means that no person should ever have to endure pain, humiliation, discrimination, or abuse based on the color of their skin, religious beliefs, social status, or gender. Regardless of where people are born, how much money they make, or how skilled they are at a given task, every person on this planet should be treated with equality. Human rights are the moral guidelines that set the standard for human behavior.
Someone once said that ‘Human rights are a universal standard. They are a component of every religion and every civilization.’ Although this sentiment is very true, in many ways, it is merely an objective that seems implausible and doubtful. For thousands upon thousands of people who are living in misery, human rights should be a component of their existence, but sadly, it is not.

Nations across the globe pride themselves on being founded upon principles of freedom and equality, yet still boast alarming incidents of racism, bullying, and prejudice. Even when discrimination and disparity may not be living right outside on your own doorstep, it doesn’t mean that millions of people aren’t suffering under some cruel system of injustice.

The purpose of human rights advocacy is to spread public awareness and promote opportunities for individuals to overcome oppression. It is dedicated to the advancement of all societies, breakdown of inequalities, and the destruction of racial and gender stereotypes.

The term human rights is not to be confused with unbridled freedoms and lawlessness, but rather means that no human should be prevented from creating a life of success and sustaining moral happiness for themselves.  After all, laws help to maintain equality, control, and order in many societies, but unfortunately, the positions of power that are created by governance and social superiority have allowed for a plethora of injustice, cruelty, and unfairness to exist around the world.

Human rights advocates believe that no being should ever be made to feel inferior, undermined, or worthless. No person should suffer from assumptions made based on exterior appearance or religious beliefs. No individual should be forced or coerced into involuntary acts or unethical practices. No human should ever be publically humiliated or belittled.Every human should experience the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.