The Compassion of Beauty

The Compassion of Beauty is an all-new guide on vegan beauty written by long-time animal rights activist and vegan, Shenita Etwaroo. Whether you’re full on vegan yourself, or just interested in removing cruelty from your beauty routine, this new look at new looks is bound to help you out in your journey for ethical standards for your everyday beauty regimen. It’s high time we show the naysayers that not all veg*ns are pale, pasty, unkempt ladies—quite the contrary! Whether you’re a total noob to the world of animal rights or a seasoned member looking for a new trick or two, this hot and exciting new tome has got you covered. Animal rights is about to take the fashion world by storm.

Slipping Past
Project description
Nora Carter leads a comfortable life in an upper-middle class suburb, and she’s perfectly happy. Ever since her accident four years ago, her loving husband has insisted that she stay home and focus on caring for herself and recovering memories of her life before. A high-ranking financial executive, he assures her the very best of care, the very best opportunities in life, the ability to pursue her interests and move on past the car crash that left the surgical scar on her left wrist. She takes a prominent role in a local women’s group advocacy for animal rights, and soon notices strange faces and vehicles following her around town. Her husband tells her she’s just being paranoid, and perhaps she should stay home more often and see Dr. Robert more now that her symptoms are rising, but what has her husband got to hide, and how long has he been lying to her?

Dusty Roses

She’s a sweetheart,  a doll, a ‘good doctor, for such a young gal’, as it’s said aloud as she passes, a ‘virgin’, as the young ladies whisper to each other, unable to stop themselves from staring into her face as they blush and giggle. It’s been almost twenty years since It Happened, and Theodora—that’s Teddy, thank you very much—Atchison serves as the doctor of naturalistic medicine for a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere, Texas. Where you’re from doesn’t matter much anymore, though, because everywhere is the same now: No electricity, no cars, no Cheetos, no nothing. Not since It Happened. She lives alone on the family farm, passed down to her by her grandparents, with only her two horses and smirky attitude to keep her company. This changes quickly, however, when a relatively new addition to town drops in in the middle of the night, hoping to make a walk in appointment for the haunted-looking stranger standing in the hallway. An exchange of looks can change absolutely everything.

It Happened

People just didn’t last very long outside of the Walls. Mosquito was inside the Walls, and only Mosquito scared off an early and slow death. Throughout her childhood, Isen’s mother did every degrading job she could throw together in order to send her to the tiny Wall-sponsored school out in the Dark. Now, with her mother dead and her certificate in hand, she forks over every last cent of her own savings to take the exam that admits her to vocational training and a life inside the Walls—at long last, all her mother’s sacrifices are not in vain. Isen is thankful for the life of drudgery that allows her to be inoculated regularly with life-saving Mosquito, but she soon finds that life inside the Walls and the bustling city inside them is complicated in ways that even her childhood in the Dark could not prepare her for.

Once Upon a Dream

In her dreams, there’s a flash of soft lavender color, then he’s there, a warm smile, a soft touch, and Eliza can breathe again. She peacefully co-exists with her husband in her dreams, whispering soft words of love, joking about old times, and planning for a bright and splendid future. When she wakes, however, Miles isn’t there beside her anymore. The joy slowly fades from her face and she stays in bed, listening to him move around downstairs until she finally hears the garage door open and her quiet, angry husband to leave. Longing for her dreams to escape the puzzling problems of her marriage, Eliza sleeps whole days away and lives inside a dream (or fantasy?) where Miles is still the love of her life, and she of his. Everything is perfect, until her dreams and reality take on a frightening dissociation from each other, and a medical emergency prompts the real Miles to stand by her side again, and the Man of Her Dreams becomes too close for comfort.

Cassie’s life takes a turn when she makes the unexpected discovery that people return from the dead to walk the earth as spirits. However, it turns out that not all spectral beings resemble their former living selves. When Cassie falls victim to a mysterious haunting and finds that she is attuned to the emotions of the departed souls she encounters, she seeks the assistance of Adrian, a dour man with an unfortunate attitude who is himself a sensitive, with whom she forms a partnership that quickly evolves into friendship and then perhaps even something more.

Wild Child
Alaine McCarthy, a brilliant young hacker and the sole heir to her wealthy family’s estate, is sick and tired of being trapped within the walls of her home under the watchful eye of her mother Morrigan, who is determined to guard her daughter’s secret in order to preserve her family’s reputation and ensure the success of their ventures.  Following a failed escape attempt, Alaine is assigned a guardian to ensure her safety. However, her new handler Bryce is not the dominating and cruel man that she expected him to be, but is instead sympathetic to her plight and genuinely concerned about her wellbeing. Will the distrustful and wayward Alaine be able to put her trust in Bryce when things start to go south?

Although he appears to be a completely normal guy, there is nothing ordinary about what Spencer Bright does for a living. Working for a top-secret government organization that neutralizes unknown threats to humankind, saving the world daily while putting himself in potentially life-threatening situations is perpetually on the agenda, which leaves Rick Orson constantly on edge. Spencer prefers to keep his work as an agent separate from his everyday life, but when Rick falls victim to a mysterious psychic attack, Spencer finds that he has no choice but to let him enter his dangerous world.
When researcher-inventor Clay meets Jenna, a gorgeous woman who seems perfect in every possible way, he is instantly smitten. However, he is surprised to find that she is in fact an android programmed to adopt human behavior through immersion in social situations. Upon discovering that the droid’s creators rid them of their autonomy to control them and make them more malleable, he embarks on a mission to give the machines an emotional component and integrate them into human society. Having convinced his superiors that his invention would result in more capable androids, Clay launches project J.E.N.N.A in an effort to create the perfect sentient machine.
THE TALES FROM ABBOTT’S CLIFFE is equal parts mystery, campfire horror stories, and thriller.From the imaginative and innovative mind of Dr. Shenita, here lies a collection of interrelated stories chronicling one small, Pacific Northwestern town as they battle with demons—their own personal demons, and the creatures that steal day from the night and come out of their hollows to hunt, but for what? The answer to this question and so much more rests within approximately twenty thousand words packed with action, pure terror, and even a spark of romance in an otherwise, seemingly, endless night. The human soul is tested to the extreme, placing each person (and creature’s) faith, in themselves, in each other, in spiritual matters, into question. Those that overcome survive. Others. . .
When her daughter is brutally killed by an evil sociopath, Alexandra Storm realizes that justice is the last thing she would get in a society corrupted by the lure of power and greed.

Appalled by the corruption, crime and cruelty around her, Alexandra embarks on a mission to eradicate the evil and deliver justice to the poor and the helpless while she hunts for her daughter’s killer, Lynn Brook.But her path is not easy, for Lynn is more than a master manipulator and a ruthless killer. 

Guided by her love for her daughter and with vengeance as her weapon, Alexandra Storm is the only one who can stop Lynn and save the world from eternal darkness.